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  • Do you only build Wix websites?
    Wix is my preferred method, although if you prefer another platform I'd be happy to discuss it. I do not build in WordPress. I like to provide my clients with a website that they can easily make changes to, if needed. Wix is a really user friendly platform so if you want to login and change your hours, email address or swap out an image it's fairly simple for you to do. I'm always available to my clients, but I also like to provide them with a site that they feel is all their own. That means I'm not hosting your site, Wix is. You're not paying me a monthly hosting fee and you're not beholden to me to access YOUR site.
  • What do you charge to build a website?
    My prices vary based on the needs of the client. Before offering a quote I need to know: a little bit about your business. do you need e-commerce? how many pages will you need? how quickly do you need the site? Send me an email with the details and I can quickly offer you a proposal.
  • Do you charge monthly fees?
    The simple answer is no. Once the site is built and published there are no additional fees to me unless you need additional work. You can contact me anytime and I'd be happy to make the changes you need. I bill ongoing clients at the end of the month.
  • How do I make payment?
    Venmo @Amber-Roback and PayPal are preferred, but I also accept checks.
  • Do you also design logos?
    I do! When a client needs it I'm happy to create a simple logo. These are best suited for small businesses who are not looking to TM the logo. Here are a few samples of my work:
  • If you create my logo, can I trademark it?
    Although I create customized logos, due to the design platform used, the rights to the logo are non-exclusive and likely cannot be trademarked.
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